The section 171 of Singapore Companies Act requires every companies which incorporate to appoint a company secretary in Singapore within 6 months of incorporation. A company secretary must meet certain criteria including she/he must be a natural person who has his principal or only place of residence in Singapore.

Why You Need SIG

SIG is offering competent corporate secretarial services in Singapore for the past several years. Our qualified, trained, and experienced corporate secretarial services team advises the clients on statutory compliance needs and corporate governance matters.

SIG’s secretarial services are suitable for both local and multinational organizations irrespective of the size. We offer professional company secretarial services to a varied range of sectors. Engaging SIG will help you to gain more time and energy to focus on other crucial business process in your company.

Our Corporate Secretarial Services

We provide complete Corporate Secretarial services with competitive prices include:

  • Maintain statutory registers and minute books
  • Prepare and file the annual returns to ACRA
  • Create and file the statutory forms, relating to changes in a company, at the ACRA
  • Liaise with ACRA about pending applications
  • Liaising with statutory auditors
  • Common seal safekeeping
  • The Minutes and Register Books maintenance
  • Drafting on standard directors’ minutes and resolutions
  • Consultancy on secretarial, statutory, compliance, accounting, and tax matters
  • The constant monitor of the company’s compliance with relevant legal requirements, especially those under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Other substantial secretarial and administrative tasks

Potential Problems for Not Engaging the Right Company Secretarial Services:

  • Failure to create a business resolution
  • Failure to validate a significant business step
  • Failure to publish company’s name and registration number
  • Failure to notify the Registrar of any changes in the situation of the registered office address and office hours
  • Records that are not properly managed
  • Incorrect year-end reports
  • Non-compliance to Companies Act (Cap.50, Section 411), Companies Regulations
  • Substantial shareholder(s)’s failure to disclose interest or changes in interest for the company
  • Failure to lodge the Annual Return of the company within one month from the date of holding the Annual General Meeting

Failure to notify the Registrar of any changes in directors, corporate secretaries, auditors, registered office address, etc. (Cap.50, Section 142(1), 173[1])

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