It is to point to the client cannot go back to China to deal with affairs, the business that is entrusted to do for the client by others. According to the Notarization Law of the People’s Republic of China, notarization at the Chinese Embassy in Singapore is not allowed. Therefore, people in need can apply for Notary Public notarization, dual Authentication & Legalization from Singapore Academy of Law, and consular certification from China Visa Center through the power of attorney to entrust others to handle in China. A similar process can also be used if a notarized declaration for use in China, such as a “Declaration of the Same Person” or a “Declaration of Disclaimer of Succession”, is required.

What can we do for our clients?

We can entrust/declare notarization, certification, and all the business related to embassy certification. We build Bridges for clients in Singapore who need to entrust others to handle domestic affairs because they cannot go back to China at a special time.

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