Whether you’re foreign, local, or representing your company that wishes to set up a company in Singapore, SIG Tax & Accounting Pte Ltd has more than 10 years of know-how in incorporation in Singapore and provide one-stop service. With extensive experience in company registrations, our professional team can advise you the best way to have benefit from Singapore’s pro-business policies and enjoy the best subsidies and tax incentives available from the Singapore government.

Registration Setup Options for Foreign Individual and Foreign Companies

For foreign companies which have the intention to incorporate Singapore, you have an option to operate remotely from overseas or relocate to Singapore. SIG will provide a full range of services to facilitate your company legal requirements, including provision of Company Secretary, Registered Address, and Nominee Director, and Employment Pass services.

Setup for Local Residents and Local Companies

You do not need us to provide the Nominee Director service if you are Singapore resident. You or your business partner(s) who is/are Singapore resident can be the resident Director of the company.


Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd)

For local and foreign individuals prefer to incorporate a private limited company in Singapore. It is a tax-efficient and dynamic structure most suitable for business growth.

• It can have 1-50 shareholders.
• At least one director must be Singapore citizens, Singapore Permanent Resident, or an Entrepass/Employment pass holder).
• Singapore corporate income tax is in the range of 0%-17%.
• It has a separate legal identity from company shareholders.
• It has perpetual existence.
• It is a legal person having rights of a natural person.
• It can buy or sell property in its name.
• It can sue or be sued in its name.
• The company is responsible for its losses or debts.
• Transfer of ownership of shares is easy.
• It is credible to investors, financial institutions, suppliers, & customers.

Why Choose Us?

• No Hidden Cost-Our costs are transparent.
• Fast and Easy Process-Our streamlined processes to help our clients can incorporate their company in Singapore efficiently.
• Experienced Team-We have more than 10 years experiences and successfully helped 1000+ companies’ formation in Singapore.
• 24-hours Support- You can communicate with our dedicated team via telephone, wechat, whatsapp and email. Our team are bilingual in English and Chinese.
• One-stop & Comprehensive Services-Our complete range of services could help you stay focus on your business.

Other financial management advisory services

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