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SIG provides full spectrum of taxation service and depending on the unique needs and actual conditions of your company. Our professional accountants will handle the taxes that your company is entitled to and provide taxation advice. We help you meet tax obligations while reducing your tax liability and taking advantage of tax-saving opportunities to maximise your business profits.

Singapore Corporate Income Tax

It is a mandatory requirement for every business entity in Singapore to perform tax filing annually. The current corporate tax rate is 17%. The company can enjoy the partial exemption and tax exemption for new start-up companies.

Due to Corporate tax is constantly changing, so you need us to provide you with the relevant advice. Our taxation specialists can assist you in all respects of your corporate taxes. We will advise you how to obtain the optimum tax benefits.

Singapore Personal Income Tax

Income tax rates depend on an individual’s tax residency status. You will be treated as a tax resident for a particular Year of Assessment (YA) if you are a:

• Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) who resides in Singapore except for temporary absences; or
• Foreigner who has stayed / worked in Singapore (excludes director of a company) for 183 days or more in the year preceding the YA.

Otherwise, you will be treated as a non-resident of Singapore for tax purposes.

• Singapore’s personal income tax rates for resident taxpayers are progressive. This means higher income earners pay a proportionately higher tax, with the current highest personal income tax rate at 22%.

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